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We are all looking for weak immune system treatment ideas online and trying to learn how to improve immune system functioning with gut health, heart health, and a long list of healthy tips. Immunity Strong: Boost Your Natural Healing Power and Live to 100 is a book focused on showing you how to improve immune system functioning in your everyday routines. While the biological soul is a focal point, we also rely on a healthy gut biome for optimal health. 

Gut Health 

Let’s define gut health as a balanced internal state where bacteria of different kinds assist in keeping us healthy and keep our immunity strong. To keep things simple, we’ll focus on dirt and food. Gut health implies we’re ingesting things that have an impact on how we feel overall. “You are what you eat” is a popular expression and makes sense in how to treat weak immunity. 

How to Improve Immune System with Gut Health 

  • Don’t be a germaphobe. Get dirty! 
  • Don’t abuse antibiotics. Let your immune system work! 
  • Take care of normal gut flora with prebiotics and probiotics! 
  • Take care of your brain by avoiding foods that are bad for your gut health! 

How to Improve Immune System with Dirt

Have you ever noticed that sometimes being too careful about dirt and germs ends up attracting the worst illnesses? When we’re talking about dirt, we’re typically talking about Earth and the natural happenstance of bacteria and fecal matter that occurs in nature. We tend to forget that dirt plays a role in how to treat weak immunity. Our access to dirt starts young when we’re readily tasting everything in sight by putting it in our mouths. Babies learn what is and is not food, and along the way, introduce their bodies to an extensive collection of germs. These germs become part of the body’s biome from gut to brain. The person exposed to many types of “dirt” tends to develop a stronger immune system. 

How to Improve Immune System with Prebiotics

Prebiotics are different than probiotics. Most people eat prebiotics, but don’t necessarily plan them as a strategic part of gut health. They play an important role in weak immune system treatment for everyone though. Have you ever had a banana? Do you like fresh garlic in your cooking? Well, it sounds like you’re already doing your part to introduce prebiotics into your system. These foods encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms like bacteria or yeast that keep your gut in a healthy balance. Other foods, like leeks, onions, chicory root, dandelion greens, barley, and asparagus are great sources of prebiotics, too. 

How to Improve Immune System with Probiotics

Probiotics are far more common in conversations about health and human nutrition. Most people seeking weak immune system treatment find out about probiotics right away. These friendly bacteria may be found in yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, buttermilk, and many cheese and foods. This type of bacteria restores gut flora and that counters any side effects from taking too many antibiotics or drinking too much alcohol. Probiotics are good bacteria - in some ways, they are good "dirt." 

Weak Immune System Treatment: Ways to Improve Immunity with Food

  • Learn enough about the food you choose to eat and avoid toxic amounts of any trending food ideas. Example: Elderberry syrup is a popular immunity supplement, but elderberry leaves, raw berries, or bark contain cyanide, which is a poison. 
  • Cook food, such as beans, thoroughly to avoid toxic lectins. 
  • Check for acidic levels of your favorites treats and sweets. Eating in moderation is a key factor in improving immunity with food. 
  • Avoid processed white sugar that alters the gut biome by eliminating good bacteria. 

How to Treat Weak Immunity with Gut Health 

In many ways, the body’s overall health reflects the internal health and that is how to treat weak immunity with gut health. More people need to focus on the biological soul by taking care of their brain, heart, lungs, and skin. This often begins with gut health and choosing foods that truly support a balanced biome. Everything we eat gets filtered by the body’s processes to the rest of the body, including the brain. Our energy levels, moods, organs, joints, bones, skin, and more react to good and poor gut health. 

Doctor Lahita is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, a Professor at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine and the Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disease St. Joseph's Healthcare System. He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, a Master of the American College of Rheumatology, and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Dr. Lahita is the author of more than 16 books and 150 scientific publications in the field of autoimmunity.

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