Polyps are collections of cells, small clumps within various organs like the nose, the bowel, the ear, the uterus, and the vocal cords. There are essentially two kinds of polyps, pedunculated and sessile. Pedunculat-ed polyps are cells on a stalk like a lollipop. The sessile polyps are flat and part of the tissue on which they arise. Some polyps have cancer producing potential, and this depends on where they are, the size, and the tissue of origin.

This is summer time and the biggest concern we have here in Saddle River is about the huge numbers of deer.  They seem to be everywhere, causing accidents, offering themselves up as food for the new crop of coyotes, and causing disease.  All deer are carriers of ticks and ticks cause several diseases, the most important one being Lyme disease.  I informally took questions from our residents and those of some neighboring towns that also have deer problems.

Spring is finally here and with it come the sneezes, coughs, runny noses, and symptoms that affect the entire body; symptoms like fever and muscle aches.  We all suffer from allergies, which are immune reactions to normally innocuous environmental antigens. These foreign substances are called antigens or allergens and some examples might be pollen, mold, cat dander, dog fur, peanuts, etc. When we have a lot of rain, our gardens and lawns flourish, and our bodies are exposed to huge amounts of normally non-harmful agents. In the spring go out and run your finger along a surface and note the green stuff that you can easily lift off the surface of a lawn chair or a car hood.  That’s what goes into your lungs and up your nasal passages.