Weak Immune System Treatment: Focus on the Biological Soul

Weak Immune System Treatment: Focus on the Biological Soul 

In Immunity Strong: Boost Your Natural Healing Power and Live to 100the biological soul is identified as the brain, heart, lungs, and skin. At the root of a weak immune system treatment is finding ways to boost immunity by maintaining a focus on the biological soul. The body is an incredible machine of many moving parts, and focusing on the biological soul allows for longevity. We optimize the natural healing powers of our bodies by learning how to improve the immune system with good habits and preventative lifestyle choices. 

Biological Soul – Brain 

Imagine a motor that needs proper fuel and consistent use to work properly. Well, in many ways, that’s the human brain. Responsible for thinking, memory, the five senses, gross and fine motor skills, breathing, body temperature, hunger, and all bodily functions, the brain is a key player within the biological soul. That’s why it is important for the immune system to keep the brain healthy. 

Dr. Bob Lahita Author of Immunity Strong

Knowing how to boost immunity with moving meditation and a healthy biological soul helps people stay healthy. It takes a combination of daily habits and lifestyle adjustments to have a high immune system. The “biological soul” is a term created by Dr. Robert Lahita to describe the brain, heart, lungs, and skin as the center of your immune system. He discussed the importance of long-term health habits in a recent interview with LX News.

After the onset of Covid changed the world in 2020, many people continue to worry about new variants and viruses that could cause chaos. This is why a healthy biological soul is key to a stronger immune system. It’s also why sharing practical tips for strong immunity is valuable.

Biological Soul

In the book Immunity Strong: Boost Your Natural Healing Power and Live to 100, Dr. Lahita explains the biological soul. It involves the importance of keeping the brain, heart, lungs, and skin healthy to optimize your overall strong immunity. One of these tips is meditation and we’re going to elaborate on how moving meditation combined with a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve a high immune system.

Keep your immunity strong and biological soul healthy when traveling. Image of family on beach.

Like many people all over the world, you want to keep your biological soul healthy while traveling by keeping your immunity strong. It is no easy task to know how to improve immunity. In a world with misinformation, passionate opinions, and an understandable desire to go “back to normal,” planning travel changed so much after the Covid pandemic. Here are some great tips to boost your health for travel plans and know what increases immunity.

How to Improve Immunity 

If you're wondering how to improve immunity in a practical way, think of small daily changes to your lifestyle. While genetics certainly impact health, your biological soul responds to good habits. All of these tips can be applied to travel, too. 

what is the difference between the spiritual soul and biological soul image

According to philosophers, the human soul is dualistic: consisting of matter and spirit. There is a physical, biological soul and a spiritual soul that integrate to form the foundation of a long life. The biological soul, the root of our immune system, is throughout your body, your brain, heart lungs, skin and is meant to make you live beyond 100, which is not a stretch anymore. 

At the time of the writing of Immunity Strong: Boost Your Natural Healing Power and Live to 100, there are nearly 100,000 centenarians living in the United States and life expectancy continues to increase around the world. It is really in our power to learn about our immune system and how it works and to understand how it responds to stressors and how it keeps us safe and striving to remain healthy and vibrant. 

The biological soul, which exists in each of our immune systems, is an extremely sophisticated system, working around the clock, permeating every organ and responding to stimuli every millisecond. The immune system is very complex a police department of large city (the body) and constantly and consistently uses the various aspects of the police department to protect and defend our vital resources and health. 

Some don’t believe in the spiritual soul, which goes on forever, but the biological soul is our brain, our hearts, our lungs, and our skin, the real science. The biological soul addresses the body’s communication channels, due to the chemicals called cytokines, helps to alleviate stress. Our role is to encourage behavior that will destress the biological soul, activities like yoga, tai chi or even as relatively simple as striving to get more sleep.